The concept of establishing an academy is to study the origins and development of steel drums, which include the art of playing, the history and culture behind their invention and to adapt these instruments acclaimed to be the most recent developed orchestral instruments in the 20th century, to the Australian lifestyle, music and performing arts community. Alvin Rostant and Paul Santiago who have joined forces to establish the first and only academy based in Australia.
The seeds were sown on Australian soil, way back in 1974, when Alvin Rostant a prominent member of the first steel band to tour Australia with the Amralís Trinidad Cavaliers Steel Band.
Since then the steel drum has entertained people all over the country, projecting a sense of community awareness and togetherness in many festivals, workshop performances, the corporate arena and the hospitality industry.
Paul Santiago, with an academic background in commerce and music has been involved with several multicultural performing arts projects for the past fifteen years, as a performer, teacher and recording artist in Australia. He has worked with culturally diverse artists at festivals, workshops and education programs conducted through various councils and educational bodies throughout Australia. His valuable administration and management skills have brought about the birth of the Australian Academy of Steel Drums together with Alvin Rostant.
Together, Alvin Rostant and Paul Santiago aim to broaden the essential knowledge and understanding of Caribbean music and culture through, community youth workshops, adult educational programs, in-school steel drum ensembles, and cultural events.