Item Description Standard
Painted / Chrome
Painted / Chrome
Also known as the Lead or Soprano Pan, usually plays the melody in an ensemble. $588 / $875 $870 / $1,170
Also plays the melody in an ensemble. $996 / $1,360 $1,200 / $1,980
Also known as the Double Alto Pans, usually plays melody, counter-melody and harmony parts. $996 / $1,360 $1,390 / $2,100
Plays counter-melody and harmony parts. $1,066 / $1,560 $1,590 / $2,300
Are usually used for low harmony and melody lines, and to reinforce the melody played by the tenor and double-second. $1,360 / 2,027 $1,950 / $2,800
The tenor bass is also called a quad bass or high bass, used to reinforce the low bass notes of the 6 bass $1,650 / n/a $2,200 / n/a
The six bass pans provide the harmonic foundation, it carries the lowest range and plays bass lines with a full deep tone. $2550 / n/a $n/a / n/a
The professional instruments are suitable for more accomplished performers, and have a tonal quality and appearance that is "more polished" overall. The drum used is usually heavier as well (18 gauge steel).
Standard instruments are suitable for learners, introductory steel pan & music students. They are suitable for hobbyist and/or steelband performers as well. These instruments, while looking and sounding good, may also have minor defects in appearance like welds and scratches, and are usually made of a lighter drum (20 gauge steel).
All warranty claims, repairs and tuning of instruments have to exclusively be dealt through Australian Academy Of Steel Drums.
Warranty will be deemed void if instruments are handled by any third party.
Accessories   Painted Chrome
Tenor stand (collapsible)   $200 $310
Double Second stand   $386 $720
Carrying Cases   Leatherette  
Carrying cases for Tenor   $250  
Carrying cases for Double Seconds   $490  
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  • Prices are in Australian Dollars.
  • Shipping and Freight are inclusive in the price.
  • Any order requires a 50% deposit, payable to the AUSTRALIAN ACADEMY OF STEEL DRUMS
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  Item Description Price
ear2 ear1 Pan On Your Ear $10
key2 key1 Keys Chained To Pan $10
neck2 neck1 Pan Around The Neck $10
  • Carrying the rich cultural heritage, the creations of the artisans of India stand unique in maintaining the luxurious tradition of Bidri in India. This is considered to be a unique kind of art form that defines the hard work and persistency of the artisans.

  • The basic material of Bidri is an alloy of zinc and a small proportion of other non-ferrous metals. The original colour of the alloy is grey, but this turns jet black with the application of special clay or chemical. The dark background with an inlay of silver in intricate patterns is extremely pleasing. The designs, inlaid with pure silver, stand out dramatically against the black background.
  • Prices are in Australian Dollars.
  • Shipping and Freight add $5 within Australia
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